Charting A Relationship on Social Media

The rise of Facebook and online dating has created a whole new set of dating milestones, experts say. Click on each point to find out what the moment means in a relationship

love chart Instagram

Following on Instagram


Befriending on Facebook


Vetting a Potential Partner Before Our Digital Community


Social Media Stalking


Deleting Online Dating Profiles


The Official Announcement


Announcing the Breakup


Unfollowing, "Defriending" or Blocking


Untagging Photos

Sign Back Up

Signing Back Up for Dating Sites

Clean  Up Search

Cleaning Up Google Search Results

Step One: Follow on Instagram

Since Instagram is a collection of photos and captions, it often conveys minimal and ambiguous information about the user. Relationship experts described it as a more casual platform so following a love interest or being followed is less significant than friending on Facebook.

Step 2: Befriend on Facebook

As Facebook allows users to clearly list personal information such as employer, relatives, college and political views, connecting with a potential partner on it can be a bigger deal than Instagram or Twitter. Also, with the Facebook community attracting more older users, there is a higher chance your love interest could digitally bump into your parents.

Step 3: Social Media Stalking

Connecting on social media networks unlocks a cache of information about a person. However, relationship experts said because we often present a polished version of ourselves on these platforms, social media is not the place to gather accurate information on a potential mate.

Step 4: Vetting Someone on Social Media

Interactions with a love interest on social media such as mentioning them in an Instagram caption is a way to slowly introduce them to our digital community. Wanting the approval of this and other communities before moving forward is part of human nature, according to anthropologist Krystal D’Costa.

Step 5: Deleting Online Dating Profiles

Deleting profiles on dating sites such as Tinder and has become a milestone moment for modern couples. This means closing the door to other relationship options and focusing on one person.

Step 6: The Announcement

When a couple changes their status to “in a relationship” on Facebook, or perhaps by a photo and caption on Instagram, their digital community has to adjust to the new “extension of yourself,” according to anthropologist Krystal D’Costa.

Step 1: Breaking Up Digitally

The first step to uncoupling in the digital world is changing your relationship status online to “single.” A person’s digital community is then required to adjust to this update.

Step 2: Unfollow, Unfriend and Block

To avoid constantly being reminded of an ex partner, relationship experts advised to either block that person from appearing in your Facebook feed or sever ties completely by unfriending them.

Step 3: Untagging Photos and Deleting Posts

Removing evidence on social media that you were ever joined to your ex partner can be hurtful for the that person. However, further along after a breakup this can be a sign of someone moving on and wanting a clean start with future relationships.

Step 5: Cleaning Up Your Digital History

In a few circumstances, evidence of former relationships such as wedding announcements or photos from charity galas can show up in Google and other search engines. This can prove problematic for some. Services such as help clients to improve these search results.

Step 4: Moving On

Once feeds have been cleared of evidence of an ex, it's time to get back out there by reactivating your online dating accounts.